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Rows of Pillars


Come as you are-God looks on our hearts, not our appearance.

Baptist- We baptize believers by immersion. If you were baptized as an infant or not at all, we still welcome you.

Missional- The Kingdom of God is bigger than Northside Church. We want to plant other churches and be connected globally.

Accountability- We are responsible for one another in the good times and bad.

Community-We are involved in each others lives. We need each other.

Biblical teaching- The Bible does no to back up a moral code or opinions ( man-centered).  We unpack the scripture to receive the truth.  Our lives are not “fixed” by a prescription on how to live.  We must continue pointing to the cross to truly live life (God-centered).

Family is a priority - We desire to see your entire family growing in their walk with God.

Quality- We desire everything from music to leadership to be top notch. We want to give our best.

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